Material - adult education

The current situation presents all those involved in adult education with immense challenges to be able to provide ongoing as well as equitable learning opportunities.

Institutions and teachers want to continue teaching and students want to continue learning.

Not all the online resources and online learning communities made available for secondary school students are accessible or suitable for adults in courses offered by local associations, municipalities, or schools.  

However, in Luxembourg, just as in the rest of Europe and throughout the world, those involved in adult education do not accept that this situation should be equanimous with the end of learning. Instead new tools have been developed and resources are being shared.

The Service de la formation des adultes (Adult training department) subscribes to this Pan European approach and brings you a selection of resources and tools for the different fields of adult training.

The proposed resources are online, free, accessible to all and adapted for an adult audience.

They include interactive sites, worksheets, podcasts, videos, MOOCs, etc. is a SCRIPT-created internet platform that provides, among other things, learning materials and online tools for teachers, students and parents.
In this sense, is a source of information but also a support, because answers are given to various questions that arise at a technical level.
In this context, which is special for all of us, the SCRIPT also wants to live up to the motto "Different Schools for Different Students".
On the one hand, the content of the site is constantly updated with new materials. It also offers useful tools that can be found via a search function. In addition, the SCRIPT is in the process of clarifying all possible licensing issues so that everyone has unrestricted access to the materials.  
On the other hand, translations into various languages are being prepared as quickly as possible.