onilo.de: digital reading development


The Luxembourg Ministry of Education has acquired a national licence that enables Luxembourg primary school teachers and their classes to access the offer of onilo.de.

The website onilo.de, whose objective it is to foster the development of reading skills, allows children and teachers to use animated picture books, so-called boardstories, both at home and in the classroom. The site’s intuitive user interface enables children to combine their passion for new media with an efficient development of their reading abilities.

By animating illustrations and connecting them with the corresponding text, educationally valuable picture books from children’s literature are turned into boardstories. The boardstories are designed so that targeted animations can support the reading and listening comprehension. This process helps increase the children’s joy of reading.

In addition to each boardstory, onilo.de offers many materials that can be used for further differenciated work with the stories. These tasks, which can be differenciated according to the students‘ needs, round off the individual learning offer.

Teachers can log in to onlio.de with their IAM login. Thanks to a student code generated by their teacher, children can read boardstories at home that are tailored to their indivual reading levels. onilo.de is aimed at pupils in Cycle 1, Cycle 2 and Cycle 3.

Teachers have been briefed on how they can grant their classes access to onilo.de and how they can give their students individual access to specific stories on onilo.de.

Further information can be found in this brochure and this video.

Login: www.onilo.de/luxemburg



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