SCRIPT offers schools, One2One iPad coordination groups as well as teachers of secondary classes a Peer-to-Peer Helpdesk (P2P-Helpdesk), in coordination with the ‘Centre de gestion informatique de l’éducation’ (CGIE).


This has the following aims:

  • to promote an interconnectedness between schools to ensure an exchange of best-practice examples
  • to allow experienced schools to share their know-how on a national level, if they wish to do so and if their material can be made openly accessible
  • to refer to other platforms if the question asked cannot be answered or falls under the responsibility of another department


This platform is intended as a supplement to the current public offers and does not replace them in any way:


  • Official press releases from the government, the department of health and the Ministry of Education
  • The central, technical administration of CGIE (info@helpdesk.lu)
  • The resources offered by schouldoheem.lu (contact form available on the website)
  • The learning environments created by individual schools for their own communities


Within the PSP-Helpdesk, you can find the following channels:

  • General: structure, goals and news of the P2P-environment
  • Microsoft 365 Apps: Exchanges regarding the use of 365-Apps
  • IOS-Apps: exchanges regarding the use of IOS-Apps
  • IT4T & Zuludesk (Jamf): exchanges regarding the use of the programs (IT4T and Zuludesk (Jamf)
  • Edumedia: thought-out and relevant integration of digital media
  • Classroom management: exchanges regarding remote classroom management
  • Tutorials: exchanges regarding planning, implementation and moderation of tutorials within a class
  • Video conferences: exchanges regarding planning, implementation and moderation of video conferences
  • Evaluation: exchanges regarding formative and summative assessment in remote learning contexts

The different channels will be moderated by a group of teachers that are experts in pedagogical use of current technologies. However, any teacher who can answer the questions asked is welcome to share their experience.


Si vous avez des questions ou désirez profiter d’un suivi psychologique, vous pouvez contacter le service d’assistance au numéro suivant : 8002 9090 ou utiliser le formulaire en ligne suivant :