The website www.kannerzait.lu offers dozens of ideas for activities with the family.

Finally being able to take a deep breath and enjoy time with the family: The summer holidays are just around the corner. And of course, holiday time is above all children's time. To help shape this precious time, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth launched a portal shortly before the Easter holidays in March with a wide range of ideas for activities.

On kannerzait.lu you can now find over 150 such ideas in the various sections: In the Nature, Activities at Home, A visit to the Museum, Theatre Activities and Stay in Shape. Here you will find descriptions of places and events and lots of practical information about them. In the section Games box you will find a collection of game instructions. Why not play a great board game together?
But kannerzait.lu is more than just a source of great ideas for activities: here you will also find ideas and material for teaching at home and online courses, plus addresses to contact if you have a problem.

Also during the summer holidays, the website will be updated every day of the week with at least one new activity idea. To ensure that as many children and parents in Luxembourg as possible can benefit from this information, the website is available in five languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, English and Portuguese.

So feel free to surf to www.kannerzait.lu from time to time.


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