Once upon a time in the future...


Covid-19 has provoked so many changes over the past weeks and months. It has affected us all! Adults have experienced changes at work, schoolchildren and students have had to adapt to new schooling methods or have studied from home with #schouldoheem, and daily life is different for everyone now. So much has changed since the beginning of the year and since last summer. We have learned to be more careful and pay more attention to others, especially those who are vulnerable to the virus and that we must protect from risk.

This summer is a new experience for all, and it is most certainly not what we expected. Many of us are spending the entire summer at home with our families, others are enjoying a “staycation” or “Vakanz doheem” and discovering new places in the country. It is not because we are less mobile than usual that we cannot have exciting adventures and travel to new destinations in our minds.

We all have our personal favorite books with fantastic stories that we read over and over again. Or, we enjoy it when we discover new books and like them. This challenge is about you presenting us your favorite stories: new ones that you have only discovered over the summer or those that you already know and that you like to read again and again.

But if you don't just want to present an existing story, but want to think about a fantasy world, then you can be even more creative. We all know the beginning of classic fairy tales: " Once upon a time...". Today, however, it is not about the past, but about the future; a future that we do not know yet, of course, but which we all hope will be more positive and optimistic. 

Get inspired and read (or listen) your favorite stories, fairy tales, books, comics, etc... and then invent your own vision of the future: "It will be once...". What will your autumn look like? How do you imagine your next great summer? What's next at school? What are you going to experience?

There are countless subjects that you can focus on, and you can do this in various forms. Here are some examples:

  • Invent a story
  • Write a new fairy tale
  • Write a dystopia
  • Express your thoughts in a poem
  • Compose a song
  • Draw a picture
  • Write a comic strip
  • Film a video

So tell us about your favourite book or invent your own great story!

Winners will be selected and the best projects will be posted on the www.schouldoheem.lu website. Everyone from C2 to 4e can participate and there will be different categories according to age groups. You can win great prizes that are totally in line with the topic of the challenge!

Tell us about your vision of the future by 14 September and send it to: challenge@script.lu ! Don’t forget to tell us your name and age when you submit your piece.

We are looking forward to your contribution!


Si vous avez des questions ou désirez profiter d’un suivi psychologique, vous pouvez contacter le service d’assistance au numéro suivant : 8002 9090 ou utiliser le formulaire en ligne suivant :