Challenge: I’ll draw what you tell

Lithiumphoto / Shutterstock.com

This challenge is all about translating a written story into a riveting picture. The story is told in Luxembourgish and you’ll try to include as many details as possible in your drawing. It’s easiest if you focus on the main elements while you’re listening, leaving minor details, like colouring in the shapes etc, till when the story has come to an end.

You don’t need much for this challenge. A sheet of paper and some colours suffice … and of course a good set of ears. You can use crayons, finger paints, water colours, etc. whichever you prefer or have on hand.

This challenge is aimed at pupils form Cycle 1. But, of course, the entire family can join in and the resulting pieces can be compared. Cycle 1 pupils can send a photo of their picture to challenge@script.lu by 11th May 2020. The artists behind the best three entries receive a new colouring book and a set of colouring pens. Please include your name, cycle, and address, so that we can send you the prize if you are the lucky winner!

You can listen to the story here.

You can find another variation of this activity following this link.

Now prick up your ears and have fun drawing!


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