Art Challenge V: My story, my film

Art Challenge V

To promote creativity and maintain students’ (EF & ES) commitment and motivation, the www.eduart.lu team is launching its 5th Art Challenge. For My story, my film, we’re inviting you to tell your story using an animation technique called stopmotion (tutorial). Use the stuff that is lying about or that you were about to throw away as props for your production. 

All you’ll need is the camera on a smartphone or tablet as well as random objects, paper cut-outs, a backdrop and a quiet, well-lit space. Create a story using the chosen objects: it can either be real or imaginary. Once you have established the plot, ensconce yourself in a quiet place. Now prepare your props, attach your camera firmly, open the app (e.g. Stop Motion Studio (IOS) ) and … Action!


Tips and tricks:

  • If the room is not bright enough, use an additional lamp to illuminate your scene.
  • Working together is fun and allows you to progress faster: you move the objects, your partner takes the pictures or the other way around. Pay attention to the frame and focus. Be careful: your hand shouldn’t be visible - unless you want it to be, of course.
  • Once the film is finished, you can add sound: your voice, a melody - yours, or royalty-free music.

Save your animation using the following format: Name_Firstname_Title and send the file to eduart@men.lu by 8th June 2020 at the latest. If the file is too large to be e-mailed, send it via  wetransfer.com. Do not hesitate to ask an adult to help you if you need it.


Tutorials and examples:

  • Animation example Tutorial Stop Motion Studio APP: link
  • Example of animation with Emojis (videotest EF, Cycle 3): link
  • Example of animation (video ES): SLP Pinguin SLP: link / LAML The Origamibirds: link / LAML Melting, burning & more: link
  • Olivier Pesch, Luxembourgish stopmotion artist (picture at the bottom of the page)
  • Examples of animation with paper cut-outs: link and video: link
  • Royalty-free music: link



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