Art Challenge IV: Spring, summer, sunshine, light and shadow

Hanna Stsiapanava / Shutterstock.com

In order to promote and support the commitment, creativity and motivation of students (EF, ES), the team of the eduart.lu website launches the 4th artistic challenge Spring, summer, sunshine, light and shadow and invites you to revalue and esteem everyday commodities and stock up some positive energy out of it.

All you need is your cell phone camera, everyday objects, appropriated lightning and imaginative ideas. There are nearly no limits, let your imagination run wild. Choose one or more „everyday objects“. Stage the latter skillfully in light and record the originated fascinating shadow effects with your camera. Those effects are generated by hard lightning (sunlight, flashlight, worktable lamp, smartphone lamp).

In this Art Challenge, you should compile three different photographs, working as a series of pictures: there should be a connection between those three pictures:

Picture 1: One or more objects with exciting shadow effects.

Picture 2: A part of you with or without the chosen object(s).

Picture 3: You (your torso - your upper part of body) with one of the chosen object(s).

Name your pictures : Your Name_First name_Title_Number (1, 2 and 3) in JPEG or PNG format and send it in at eduart@men.lu at the latest for the 18th of May 2020.

A document with the detailed work description is at the bottom of the page.



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