On water Challenge

Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Banque européenne d’investissement

All pupils and students form cycle 1 of primary school to end of secondary school classes can participate in this challenge.

Are you familiar with the photo exhibition showing the wonderful pictures shot by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Philipe Bouseiller? These pictures take you on a journey around the globe, from Tanzania up to New Caledonia. Water is the underlying theme and is linked to the issue of sustainability, and why we need to carefully use water.

The exhibition is shown in a number of secondary schools in Luxembourg. Because we can’t visit the exhibition at the moment, we have decided to bring it home to you.

In the section onwater/theexhibition you will find a number of pictures that have been shot in various places around the world and which deal with the different aspects of water. You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it and you will find explanations about the picture by running your computer mouse over it . In the section onwater.lu/educationalmaterial you will find tests and puzzles in relation to the exhibition. You are more than welcome to try and solve these if you feel like it.

What is this challenge about and how can you participate?

  1. You will certainly have found one or more of your favourite pictures in this exhibition. Choose the picture that has been most inspirational to you, either because you find it particularly beautiful, or because it has awakened a particular memory, or because you have been asking yourself many questions about it?
  2. Now is the moment that you yourself become creative and create your own work on water. Send us your drawing or put together a collage, the artist now is you.
  3. Try to formulate your thoughts on your work! What is the message you want to convey with your work? Explain how your favourite pictures inspired you for your creation!
  4. Send us your work to following email address: challenge@script.lu.
  5. It is very important that you indicate your name, your IAM, your age, the name of your school and your class. Deadline for submitting your work is May 25, 2020.

Please not that Philippe Bourseiller did us the honour of being a member of the jury and that the winners’ works will be exhibited together with the other works on www.onwater.lu.


Si vous avez des questions ou désirez profiter d’un suivi psychologique, vous pouvez contacter le service d’assistance au numéro suivant : 8002 9090 ou utiliser le formulaire en ligne suivant :