Art Challenge III: One object, many solutions

Art Challenge

In order to promote and support the commitment, creativity and motivation of students, the team of the www.eduart.lu website launches the third artistic challenge One object, many solutions and invites you to reimagine a new life and new functions for the daily objects around you.

The Corona crisis provokes individual isolation for a long time in order to decelerate the spread of COVID-19: We are staying AT HOME. Now, this is a “marvellous” occasion to explore your HOME and the things in and around it! Look out for a priori trivial things, you  didn’t even pay attention in times before Corona. Give them a second life, valorise it, your way!

Look at the work of artist Richard Wentworth. Find parallels with the current corona crisis. While being “encapsuled” at home, how can you give objects in your home a second life? Maybe give it a poetic, humorous character?

  • Use photography to explore an object in a variety of situations, from a variety of angles, lighting, viewpoints, locations, functions.
  • Make series of 3 pictures.
  • Give it a title (humorous, ironic, thought-provoking character, …).
  • Your pictures are working clearly together as series, as you are creating coherence:
    • How do they refer to the current crisis situation?
    • What are the unifying threads?
    • Connections between formal elements (form, colour, layout,…) and content?
    • Connection with your chosen title?
    • Format: JPEG or PNG.

Name your pictures: Name_FirstName_Title and send them to eduart@men.lu until the 11th of May 2020.




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