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Storytelling as an e-learning method

Dear teachers,

Please find hereafter instructions on how you can support your students to autonomously address different school relevant topics at home.

What is it about?

Using their smartphones students produce short films on predefined, school-relevant topics at home.


Through this learning approach chosen by the teacher, students will be enabled to address certain topics in a creative, critical and solution-oriented way while using by using THEIR medium, the smartphone.


1. Briefing:

- The students receive a link to the Y4P information film which teaches them the basics of filmmaking and storytelling.

- The teaching staff formulates clear themes and their task will be to produce short smartphone films according to the procedure described in the film.

Example of topics for some school subjects can be found below.


2. Concept development / research:

- Using the storytelling research sheet, the student develops a concept on his/her topic and develops his/her story. The cooperation in teams of 2-3 persons, who consult each other e.g. via telephone conference or chat, is conducive to creativity.

It is important that the three storytelling steps are followed:

- 1st step "AND" (introduction)

- Step 2 "BUT" (problem description)

- Step 3 "THEREFORE" (Proposed solutions)

- In order to fill the story with life, research is now being carried out. The teaching staff provides the students with links and literature tips to support their own research.

- The storytelling research sheet fills up, the idea grows.


3. Implementation

- The pupil starts to creatively incorporate the researched facts into his/her story and to translate them into film.

- Different filmic narrative formats are possible:


4. Guidance

- Online platforms such as TEAMS (further platforms will be presented on give both teachers and students the possibility to exchange ideas, give each other tips and inspire each other.

- Teachers should arrange regular online meetings where students can exchange views with each other and with teachers on specific subject related issues.

- youth4planet provides online consultation for teachers every friday from 10:00-11:00 a.m., (Meeting ID: 979 526 2722); Info here, consultation will be both on the methodology and the implementation (including technical questions).

- If required, learning groups can also request the organisation of an online conference (


5. Finalization

- The student creates a film including title and credits from the material (film recordings, interviews with e.g. family members, pictures, foreign picture and video material) in an editing program on the smartphone (iPhone: iMovie, Android: FilmoraGo).

- For technical questions, the youth4planet team can be contacted by mail:


6. Evaluation, assessment

With the help of this document the evaluation of the film process by the teaching staff takes place.



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