Residence Reebou – I discover my languages


Residence Reebou, that´s several activities showing you the linguistic diversity in Luxembourg. It´s all about your languages and the languages in your environment.


Take a look at the following story and find out who lives in the Residence Reebou:

Now you know the inhabitants of the Residence Reebou. You have probably noticed they all speak different languages. Which languages did you identify?

Are these languages spoken in your environment as well? In your opinion, which languages do the residents speak amongst each other? Please explain your opinion to a friend, your siblings or your parents. In case you prefer to answer the question on your own, please write it down in a booklet or on a slip of paper.

Now let´s get to the most fascinating part: your own languages! On page 37 of the student notebook of this programme you can fill in your personal language figure. You can find the notebook here:

Write down all the languages that are part of you. These could be languages that you speak or understand, but also languages that are important to you, although you don´t speak them fluently. For each language choose a colour and complete your language figure with these colours. You are free to decide about the sizes of the different surfaces of colour and their location (head, heart, …).

On page 38 you can explain the importance of these languages for you.

Tips and Tricks

Languages showing up in the story:

Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Italian, Moroccan, Serbo-Croatian, German, French, Capverdian Creole

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