Residence Reebou – I discover the languages all around me


Residence Reebou, that´s several activities showing you the linguistic diversity in Luxembourg. It´s all about your languages and the languages in your environment.


Take a look at the following story:

Mister Spizzo is in contact with many different languages, day in, day out. He speaks some of them, he listens to others and yet others appear in written form. Which languages do you meet in your everyday life? Take a sheet of paper, fold it in the middle and write down on the left-hand side all the languages that you meet in your environment.

Subsequently you have to find out which languages are spoken at work. Ask adults like your parents, other relatives or friends what languages they speak in their jobs. Also ask them which language they use the most frequently. Write down these languages on the right-hand side of your sheet. Underline the languages that are spoken most frequently.

Take a close look at your notes and compare the number of languages in the two halves of your sheet. What strikes you?

Now imagine you had a friend abroad who decides to move to Luxembourg in order to find a job here. On the rear page of your list, write a letter to that person explaining which languages he /she has to study previously. Also explain why these languages are so important.

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