Come join the search! – Hidden object pictures

With its hidden object pictures-set called „Come join the search!”, provides pedagogical material to help foster language learning. The pictures are language-neutral, i.e. they avoid using written words. On the one hand, this material can be used to foster learning the native as well as a second language resp. further foreign languages. On the other hand, it can also be used cross-language, i.e. multilingual activities can take place.

In this set, there are ten thematic pictures of different situation, consisting of one large poster (front side) and six single exercises (reverse) referring to the respective theme. Beside the „classic use“ of large posters, other applications were intended to become possible. In order to be able to work on various linguistic and communicative competencies, an innovative concept was developed which proposes different activities – in addition, it leaves enough freedom to offer further pedagogical exercises. This is achieved through a special folding technique that turns the poster into a booklet. This way, each child can create their own version which they can discover for themselves and which they can work with.  

Ten themes were selected which all deal with areas of life and experiences relevant to children: in the classroom, at the hospital, on the school yard, on the playground, on the farm, in the family, in nature, in traffic, in the supermarket, in the wardrobe.

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