mimamu / makedra

mimamu – Mir maache Musek / makedra - maach (k)een Drama

mimamu/makedra was created on the initiative of SCRIPT.

We are committed to cultural education and cultural mediation in schools as well as to the promotion of musical and theatrical pedagogical skills and experiences. To achieve these goals we use different materials and ways or carry out nationwide projects.

Interesting material can be found at www.mimamu.lu/schouldoheem  or www.makedra.lu/schouldoheem, as well as ideas for music and/or theatre activities at home.

mimamu music:

  • songs for all cycles, with playback assistance and karaoke lyrics (in part)
  • bodypercussion with different levels of difficulty, alone, in pairs, in groups of three or four
  • handicraft instructions for instruments, memories...
  • riddles, notes, rhythms and much more...

makedra theatre:

  • playing theatre (staging and performing one‘s own play, theatre scenes for home)
  • creative writing, practicing and lecturing
  • creative improvisation exercises and games
  • craft instructions for juggling balls, basic technique for juggling (with 1, 2, 3 or more balls) and much more
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