Sénégalités – Discover the village Djinack Bara in Senegal


Get to know the village Djinack Bara in the far west of Senegal, close to the Gambian border.


Visit the following web page of the Center for intercultural Education - ikl:


First watch the movie Eine Entdeckungsreise nach Djinack Bara (A discovery trip to Djinack Bara).

Then you can choose a workshop:


Take a look at the electronic book and then try to fill in the following worksheet.


Take a look at the electronic book and then try to fill in the following worksheet.


Read through the electronic book, page by page. Answer the respective questions before you go to the next page. Discuss your answers with a friend, your siblings or your parents. In case you prefer to work on your own, you can write your answers on a sheet of paper. Afterwards you can check if your assumptions were correct.

Leisure time:

Look closely at the photographs in the gallery and try to guess which pictures belong together. A photograph from Luxembourg and one from Senegal form a couple. You can number the pictures and write down which photographs belong together. When you are done, please compare your combinations with the resolution. Afterwards you can try to fill in the worksheet.

In the end, take a look at the electronic book. Here you can ckeck your answers and find two games for two people or more.

In case you want to know more about the village Djinack Bara, you can visit the following web page (in French):


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