Naturparkschoul - The magazine 4 am Revéier

4 am Revéier is a German/Luxembourgish magazine for children from the age of 8 up who are curios and with wide interests. It is published by the nature park “Öewersauer”.

Explore the nature park Öewerdsauer with the five issues of 4 am Revéier. Learn about what you can experience, observe and try out at the reservoir (Issue no. 2). Get to know Esch-an-der-Sauer (Issue no. 1) or the city of Wiltz (Issue no. 3), learn how they developed and changed over time. Take a close look at nature, leisure, geography and history of the municipality of Bauschleiden (Issue no. 4). Explore the municipality of Winseler (Issue no. 5) in the Luxembourgish Ardennes, discover the wolf of Donkels  and get to know some other animal inhabitants.

Apart from information on nature, history, leisure, technology, etc. you can find many riddles and tips for things to try out, a poster and an explorer map.

Issue no. 6 about climate protection was a joint publication by the nature parks Öewersauer Our. Earth is our most precious treasure. It is home to us humans as well as all animal and plant species. But unfortunately, the climate deteriorates more and more. Why is that? What can we do about it? What is weather and climate? What are greenhouse gases? Does climate change affect all humans the same way? You can learn about all this in the current issue of 4 am Revéier.

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