Zoue Grenzen - closed borders


In this activity pupils learn why there are no border controls in Luxembourg. Furthermore they have to imagine what life in Luxembourg would be like if there were no open borders.


Since March 25th 1995, there are no more border controls in Luxembourg. You can find out about the reasons by listening to the report by Radio 100,7 dated March 27th 1995: https://www.100komma7.lu/podcast/292758 (Minutes 5‘ – 8‘30‘‘)

In the past, there were controls at Luxembourg´s borders. Ask your parents and grandparents if they can remember what it was like in those days. In case you find someone who has vivid memories, you can interview that person. Record your interview with your mobile phone or any other registration device or write down the answers on a sheet of paper.

Here are some examples for questions:

- Can you remember a specific control at a Luxembourgish border? (If your parents or grandparents have grown up in a different country, they can describe their experiences regarding border controls.)

- When and where did it happen?

- Describe the control procedure.

- What did you feel during the control?

Maybe you have been in a country with border controls?

- Where was that?

- What was it like for you?

- Which travel documents did you need?

- Did you have to apply for visa or passport? (If you don´t understand these words, you can look them up here: www.helles-koepfchen.de)

Because of Corona pandemia, different borders were partially closed. What would happen if they were shut down permanently? Read the story Zoue Grenzen on page 24 of the booklet Was uns Menschen bewegt (https://www.ikl.lu/wordpress-2019/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/WUMB_2010-CC.pdf).

The Clement family is very upset when learning about the closing of the borders. Imagine this was real. What would the advantages and disadvantages of this situation be? Please write down all the advantages and disadvantages you can think of.

If you want to, you can write a fiction about life in Luxembourg with closed borders. You can get inspiration from the answers you received in your interviews. We would be delighted to read your story. Please send it to: ikl@asti.lu.

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