Video - Lesson Plan - Lego C1


Students invent a short story and recreate the individual scenes with Legos. By using the app “Stopmotion“, the scenes can be captured photographically.


The parents download the app “Stopmotion“.

The child invents a short story by using their Legos and Lego figures.

The child builds the backdrop and takes the first photo.

Then, the different figures, animals or cars can enter the scene. It is important that the individual figures move slowly and that a photo is taken after each movement.


- Legos

- App “Stopmotion“

Tips and Tricks

In order to foster students‘ linguistic development, they can add sound to the video.

Ideally, the mobile phone or the tablet should not change its position between the different shots. In order to hold the mobile phone/tablet in a fixed position, it can be stabilized with additional material.

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