School for Parents: Publication of weekly letters to parents "Eltereschoul Doheem" during the Covid-19 epidemic.

During this period of confinement, the School of Parents provides support to parents in the form of weekly letters on topics of current interest. For the moment the letters are distributed with the help of School directors and teachers, who are in permanent contact with the parents. It is also possible to receive them by newsletter or e-mail: eltereschoul@kannerschlass.lu.

1. School for Parents? What is it?

The Kannerschlass Foundation's School for Parents is a counselling service. We reach out to all parents to support them in their parenting role by guiding them from birth to adulthood of their children. To be able to reach as many parents as possible, the School for Parents works in close cooperation with municipalities, parents' associations, nurseries, day-care centres, schools and other institutions that meet and support parents. We provide them with an extensive catalogue of theme-based activities for parents, but we also provide "tailor-made" offers adapted to the needs of the target group. The detailed programme, as well as our catalogue of themes and all general information can be found on our website: www.kannerschlass.lu.

2. Current situation

During the pandemic, the School for Parents team carried on working to support parents in this exceptional situation. The Covid-19 epidemic and the resulting confinement represent a major upheaval in our way of life. Parents now face an unprecedented challenge: reconciling work from home and family life with children and teenagers who are deprived of school and social contacts.

3. Publication of letters to parents "Eltereschoul  Doheem"

Given this situation, we try to offer parents support with a weekly letter, dealing with various aspects of education and family life. At the moment, the letter is distributed via the basic school management and the teachers, who are in close contact with the parents. We would like to thank all these partners warmly for their commitment.

We have so far published 6 letters: "Home Schooling"; "Children ask questions? How to answer? What to say? " and " Playing is growing up ".” Family Meals - Family Happiness during Confinement? “ “When siblings quarrel “ “Deconfinement: Back to  school”

If you have any further questions, or if you would like to receive these letters to parents, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: eltereschoul@kannerschlass.lu

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