LOGO 5: Combining

The LOGO series fosters students’ competences in logical and mathematical thinking in a playful manner. It is intended for students in cycle 1. There are 6 modules, each one comprising 9 exercises of increasing difficulty. All modules work without using language. This module deals with “combining”.

At the beginning, students must combine small and big pearls correctly, later they have to place shapes resp. muffins in the correct order. Another exercise requires students to assemble a picture from various pieces while more and more pieces are provided. Later on, they must recognise which shapes different figures are made up of. The last three exercises are tangrams in which students have to recognise designs (photo) as well as other figures that can be put together with the actual pieces (photo).

The home page of the module, i.e. the page where students choose their exercises also includes a learning diary that motivates them further. In this diary, they can see which exercises have been finished. In addition, students receive a star if they manage to solve an exercise without making mistakes.



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