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Jeu de calcul mental

In this game you have to reach a given number by using five other numbers. You can use the four operations (+, - , x, :).


A number between 10 and 69 is given. This is the target number to be reached.
Five further numbers are given:

- one number between 1 und 4
- one number between 1 and 6
- one number between 1 and 8
- one number between 1 and 12
- one number between 1 and 20

With these 5 numbers, the target number should be reached with the use of the 4 operations. Each of the five numbers may only be used once.

How many possible calculations are there?

Who finds the shortest way?

Who finds the longest way?

Who manages to include divisions and subtractions?

For cycle 2 pupils:

You can choose a target number between 1 and 20. The students should be able to reach the target number only by using additions and subtractions. They use only four numbers. The random number between 1 and 20 is left out.

Tips and tricks

On the Mathador website ( two apps will soon be available for free. The idea for this game comes from the game Mathador.


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