Stories in luxembourgish for the little ones

CNL – Lëtzebuerger Literaturarchiv – youtube-channel for literature

The "Centre national de littérature - Lëtzebuerger Literaturarchiv" (CNL) hopes that children and young people who currently have to stay at home will use their free time after homework to get to know Luxembourg's literature for children and young people on the CNL's YouTube channel. Our programme includes literature from primary to secondary school, from infants to teenagers; some of these texts are also recommended by "Lies a Fléi - de Katalog".

Potty Lotty

In a very vivid and expressive way, Potty Lotty tells stories to young children. The stories are told in Luxembourgish and are appealing to cycle 1 pupils, but older children and siblings are likely to enjoy them as well.


Illustrator Annick Sinner tells cycle 1 pupils stories in Luxembourgish. They are musically accompanied by Eric Falchero.

De Pierchen an de Wollef – Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf written by Sergei Prokofiev is certainly one of the most famous musical fairy tales for children. The intent of this opus is to introduce children to the individual instruments of a symphonic orchestra.

This version in Luxembourgish tells the well-known story suitable for children. The fairy tale is accentuated musically by introducing each instrument individually and by assigning it to the corresponding character.

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