Book Creator – Audiobooks


The student or teacher can create audiobooks with „Book Creator“. These audiobooks are illustrated with pictures and a matching story is read aloud.


  1. Think about a story or choose one (e.g. a fairy tale).
  2. Determine which persons exist and the story’s progression (can easily be done with a rough draft; which locations exist?, what figures appear?).
  3. Start “Book Creator”.
  4. Choose a book template in “Book Creator”.
  5. Insert a suitable background picture onto each double page and add the selected figures. An image search engine is included in “Book Creator”.
  6. If possible, tell the story to someone.
  7. Record the story page by page.
  8. Record sentences: you can add as many recordings as you like to a page. Just be aware that you have to record them in the correct order.
  9. Create the book title and the cover page.
  10. Have your computer read the book.


  • Computer or laptop or tablet
  • Internet
  • Maybe a headset (microfone)

Tips and tricks

  • An image search engine is included in “Book Creator”.
  • If you download the app, there’s no need to open the website and log in each time you want to use “Book Creator”.
  • You can also upload your own photos and drawings onto “Book Creator”. This will make your story even more unique and personal.
  • You can also record videos and insert them.
  • Audio files are recorded and created in “Book Creator” directly.
  • By using a headset, you can increase the quality of your recording.
  • By using the „Invitation Code“, other students or teachers can access the audio books or create some themselves.

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