Book Creator – Reading comprehension activity


Create a picture book from a text you read by using the Book Creator programme.


Step 1: Teacher

Find a text to a certain topic and send it to one or more of your students. A literary text with a good storyline may be best, as long as it does not contain pictures. Of course, the text should be suitable to the level of reading comprehension of the students and must be easy to understand for them.

Step 2:

Explain to your students that they should read the entire text first and then look up all words they do not understand before they can use Book Creator.

Step 3:

Students can now open Book Creator.

You as a teacher have to give them access to one or several of your libraries, either via simple link or via link with password. The best way to do this is via e-mail or within a workgroup (Teams, Classdojo, etc)

Feel free to let students work on this assignment alone or as a team. You just have to adjust your settings accordingly.

Step 4:

Now the children can begin to illustrate their picture book.

In case they still have questions and do not understand all functions immediately, you can advise them to watch the tutorial of Book Creator.

Step 5:

As a teacher, you can always see what your students are working on and you can always give tips, make suggestions and give feedback.

In the end, the children can exchange their picture book with other kids. With the audio feature, they can also add sound to their text.


Example below

Read the text: „Der kleine Bär und der schöne Schneemann“ („The small bear and the beautiful snowman“) by Elke Bräunling

Result with Book Creator

Der kleine Bär und der schöne Schneemann


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