Naturparkschoul - WasserReich

Join the Naturparkschoul on a discovery of the importance of water for mankind. Analyse for which activities you need water in your everyday life. Think about who can use the water of the streams and rivers and what he/she needs it for. Reflect about the problems with the streams and rivers, who causes them and what consequences this can have for people.

This folder consists of the following eight worksheets (in German):

1. Das Wasser zu Hause

2. Das Wasser des Baches

3. Den Bach bei meinem Zuhause besser kennen lernen

4. Das Leben am Bach

5. Das Leben im Bach

6. Wo kommt das Wasser her? Wo fließt das Wasser hin?

7. Wie kann man das Wasser schützen: In der Schule oder zu Hause

8. Wie kann man das Wasser schützen: Abwasserreinigung


Kitchen sieve

Glass or beaker loupe

Folding rule/meter

Magnifying glass


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