efrançais.lu : A playful App for Cycle 2

The playful App app.efrancais.lu for students in cycle 2 was developed as an educational game which allows children to practice using the vocabulary from the textbook Salut, c’est parti! and to listen to the songs.

The App comprises three parts: Dictionary, Quiz and Songs

• The Dictionary shows a pair consisting of picture and sound (i.e. spoken word) for each new word.

• In the Quiz, the user is alternately asked questions to a picture or a spoken word. Depending on how many tries the user needs, they receive up to three stars per answer. From certain scores upwards, the user receives badges by the App. This is to help motivate users to repeat a task and collect a maximum of stars. By collecting those stars, users gradually learn the vocabulary needed for the following unit.

• The third part of the App offers the possibility to listen to songs from Salut, c’est parti! that have been produced by the MENJE.

If users log in with their IAM (Identity and Access Management) , they can save their score in their profile and also listen to those songs from Salut, c’est parti!  that have been produced by CLE International. On  www.efrançais.lu  a tutorial shows how to log in with an  IAMhttps://efrancais.lu/tutoriels.

From a technical point of view, this App is a progressive web app which works just as well on stationary computers and laptops as on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

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