Dear teachers, dear parents, dear pupils,

The year 2020 which is about to end will be remembered as the year that the coronavirus held the whole world in suspense. We also had to learn to live with the virus at school. Since the start of the school year in September, classes have all resumed in accordance with the necessary health rules, and yet, the figures of the last weeks force us to switch again from face-to-face teaching to distance learning, and this during at least one week. This measure also concerns all day-care facilities and skill centers.

Questions and answers concerning COVID-19-measures in schools and day-care facilities can be found at A dedicated helpline for educational questions and a helpline for psychological questions are also available to you.

If each of us continues to contribute to the collective effort, we can hope to regain a certain normalcy in the course of 2021 and learning can take place where it is needed, namely at school! 

I wish you all a very successful 2021. Stay healthy!

Claude Meisch
Minister for Education, Children and Youth


Si vous avez des questions ou désirez profiter d’un suivi psychologique, vous pouvez contacter le service d’assistance au numéro suivant : 8002 9090 ou utiliser le formulaire en ligne suivant :