Dear teachers, dear parents, dear students,

I have the pleasure to announce that you will be able to continue to use this platform after the end of this unusual school year. It will enable you to study at home and refresh your knowledge in subjects treated in school. There will also be materials related to interesting topics and incentives to develop creative ideas.

After the first half of the Summer holidays, around August 24, you will find subject contents that will be presented under the form of various files on this platform. These will be used in the context of the Covid-19 remedial measures that are put in place by the Ministry of Education.

Teachers will be able to provide these files to parents. Parents and students can also use and work on these contents by their own initiative, whether they are at home or away on vacation. For each file the students will find the solutions of problems and corrections of exercises, so they can work on these tasks autonomously, or with the help of their parents.

I wish you excellent holidays and please stay in good health.

Claude Meisch
Minister of Education, Children and Youth


Fräizäitgestaltung vun eise Kanner doheem



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